When you plan relocation, you invite risk automatically. This is because transportation of your belongings from one place to another might be planned but unfortunate events and happenings are uninvited. Occurrence of such types of events in your moving process can cause you major loss. To avoid such kind of disaster, the best idea is to get Insurance for relocation process.

The cases of accidents, fire, riots and any sort of disruption can ruin a perfectly planned relocation process. To deal with such risks, Global Logistix Resolution Inc recommends you certain risk management options. Following options will help you to handle any unwanted happening (if any occurs) on the move.

Transit insurance: This is most common insurance policy to protect the unfortunate damages to relocation process. Its cost is 1.5% of total value of your goods being moved. The compensation is given if only the vehicle carrying your goods meets with any accident. Only accidental claims are entertained under this type of policy.

We have our vehicles covered under transport insurance to fix the challenges thrown by uninvited elements in the surroundings and encourage our clients to protect their stuff to be moved with a right and suitable cover plan.

To ensure safer relocation in India various similar polices are offered and to know more about international shifting insurance policy, discussing with our professional service provider can be the right idea. We provide you detailed information that you require to ensure safe transportation of your products from one place to another. We never overlook your concerns towards anything and hence provide you the best solutions for the same in advance.

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