Custom Clearance

The procedure of custom clearance is backed with multiple formalities. The documentation work and dealing with the custom norms can be a hectic experience for someone, who is new to this section. Only experts with detailed knowledge of custom official functioning can support you in dealing with all these. Global Logistix Resolution Inc, being a worldwide leading name in logistic services has its dedicated personnel hired to deal with the issues related to customers.

You can completely rely on experienced professionals associated with us to deal with custom clearance wing and leave all your worries to them. They will take care and do the needful stuff to get your luggage customer cleared. Being leading agents in this field, we provide you pre and post shipping guidance related to custom rules and regulations. This gives you the fair idea about planning your packaging.

To keep our clients updated with best information related to custom norms during their relocation, we always continue to update our knowledge scales and standards as per upgrades in custom rules & regulations. This makes us efficient enough to deal with the clearance process of sea, air and road custom procedures.

Our major services in this field include guiding our customers towards preparing their documents as per government and custom guidelines. Updating them about any modifications in the existing rules is our next concern. Serving the customers for their specific logistic and customer related solutions inside India or outside the country with excellence is our central objective.

We also guide you with post shipment formalities to avoid any legal issues in future. If it is required to liaison or follow up different government organizations during the entire process of custom clearance, our experts would always be ready to do it for you. Our prices charged for these world class level services are perfect to fit your budget.

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